Artillery X
Ghost Iris Comatose  
Inferno Paradeigma
Nordjevel Fenriir EP 
Osiah Loss
Skarlett Riot Invicta
Sumo Cyco Initiation
Vokonis Odyssey| Bala Maleza
Charlie Benante Silver Linings 
Dordeduh Har  
The Ember, The Ash Fixation
The Monlith Deathcult V3 – Vernedering
Mouth For War Life Cast In Glass
Scar Of The Sun Inert

Amorphis Live At Helsinki Ice Hall
An Autumn For Crippled Children As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes 
Epiphanic Truth Dark Triad: Bitter Psalms To A Sordid Species
Ghosts Of Men Exhale
Hanging Garden Skeleton Lake 
Impure Wilhelmina Antidote
Jess and the Ancient Ones Vertigo 
Monster Magnet A Better Dystopia 
Nadja Luminous Rot
Pop Evil Versatile  
Prosperina Flag
Rakta & Deafkids Live At Sesc Pompeia
Vola Witness
Yoo Doo Right Don’t Think You Can Escape Your Purpose

Alestorm Live In Tilburg 
Khandra All Occupied By Sole Death
King Of Asgard svartrviðr
Mental Cruelty A Hill To Die On
Noctule Wretched Abyss
Perturbator Lustful Sacraments 
White Moth Black Butterfly The Cost Of Dreaming

Candlemass Green Valley Live
Lindemann Live in Moscow
Northlane 2D EP
GWAR The Disc With No Name EP
Of Mice and Men Bloom EP