Atreyu Baptize
Bizarrekult VI Overlevde
Black Moon Mother Illusions Under The Sun
Code Flyblown Prince
Flotsam And Jetsam Blood In The Water
Paul Gilbert Werewolves Of Portland
King Buffalo The Burden Of Restlessness
Red Fang Arrows
Rise Against Nowhere Generation 
Seputus Phantom Indigo
Somnuri Nefarious Wave
Trouble Psalm 9 (reissue)
Trouble The Skull (reissue)
Trouble Trouble (reissue)

Worm Shepherd In The Wake Ov Sòl AFI Bodies
Crypta Echoes Of The Soul
Distant Aeons Of Oblivion
Dornenreich Du Wilde Liebe Sei
Flying Cupid All Turns To Dust
Go Ahead And Die Go Ahead And Die
Interloper Search Party
Klone Alive
Mammoth WVH Mammoth WVH 
Sepiroth Condemned To Suffer
Wristmeetsrazor Replica Of A Strange Love

Alustrium A Monument To Silence
Hacktivist Hyperdialect
Fear Factory Agression Continuum
Helloween Helloween
Heavy Temple Lupi Amoris
Moanhand Present Serpent

Amenra De Doorn
Beartooth Below 
Chaos Doctrine And In The Beginning… They Lied
Darkthrone Eternal Hails
Enslaved Cinematic Tour 2020 (4xCD box set)
Fractal Universe The Impassable Horizon
Iceburn Asclepius
Lacuna Coil Live From The Apocalypse
Light The Torch You Will Be The Death Of Me
Thy Catafalque Vadak
Urne Serpent & Spirit
Withered Verloren