March 31, 2023
Ad Infinitum – Chapter III – Downfall (Napalm)
Archetypes Collide – Archetypes Collide (Fearless)
Behemoth – Grom Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Bury Tomorrow – The Seventh Sun (Music For Nations)
Cave In – Until Your Heart Stops Re-Release (Relapse)
Crown Lands – Fearless (Spinefarm)
Demonstealer – The Propaganda Machine (Black Lion)
Empyre – Relentless (Kscope)
Hawkwind – Days Of The Underground – The Studio And Live Recordings 1977-1979 Box Set (Cherry Red)
Last In Line – Jericho (earMusic)
Lordi – Screem Writers Guild (Atomic Fire)
Lotan – Lotan (Uprising)
Meshuggah – ObZen Re-Release (Atomic Fire)
The Netherlands – Severance (Svart)
Nervochaos – Chthonic Wrath (Emanzipation)
Nothing, Nowhere – Void Eternal (Fueled By Ramen)
The Ongoing Concept – Again (Solid State)
Puscifer – Existential Reckoning: Re-Wired (Puscifer/Alchemy/BMG)
Rotten Sound – Apocalypse (Season Of Mist)
Samiam – Stowaway (Pure Noise)
Sermon – Of Golden Verse (Prosthetic)
Visions Of Atlantis – Pirates Over Wacken (Napalm)

April 7, 2023
Heathen Foray – Oathbreaker (Massacre)
Johnny Thunders – From The Beginning To The End Box Set (Cleopatra)
KISS – Off The Soundboard: Poughkeepsie, New York 1984 (UMe)
Linkin Park – Meteora 20th Anniversary Edition (Warner)
Paul Gilbert – The Dio Album (Music Theories)
Powerwolf – Interludium (Napalm)
Raider – Trial By Chaos (Self)
Rise Of The Northstar – Showdown (Atomic Fire)
Savage Hands – Rock Bottom EP (SharpTone)
Scowl – Psychotic Dance Routine EP (Flatspot)
Sunrot – The Unfailing Rope (Prosthetic)
Tribulation – Hamaratia EP (Century Media)
Various Artists – The Aggression Sessions EP (Nuclear Blast)

April 14, 2023
Archon Angel – II (Frontiers)
Atreyu – The Hope Of A Spark EP (Spinefarm)
Biohazard – Urban Discipline/No Holds Barred – Live In Europe (Dissonance)
Black Orchid Empire – Tempus Veritas (Season Of Mist)
Dodheimsgard – Black Medium Current (Peaceville)
From Fall To Spring – Rise (Arising Empire)
The Hellfreaks – Pitch Black Sunset (Napalm)
Holy Moses – Invisible Queen (Fireflash)
Hollywood Undead – Hotel Kalifornia Deluxe Edition (BMG)
Infected Rain – The Devil’s Dozen DVD/CD (Napalm)
The Infinity Ring – Nemesis & Nativity (Profound Lore)
Jesus Piece – …So Unknown (Century Media)
L.A. Guns – Black Diamonds (Frontiers)
Lucifer Star Machine – Satanic Age (The Sign)
Macabre – Sinister Slaughter Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – Hunt The Flame (Frontiers)
Metallica – 72 Seasons (Blackened)
Mike Tramp – Songs Of White Lion (Frontiers)
Morta Skuld – Of Dying Remains Re-Release (Peaceville)
Overkill – Scorched (Nuclear Blast)
Poison Ruin – Harvest (Relapse)
Zozobra – Savage Masters Re-Release (Brutal Panda)

April 21, 2023
40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room Re-Release (Svart)
40 Watt Sun – Wider Than The Sky Re-Release (Svart)
The 69 Eyes – Death Of Darkness (Atomic Fire)
Angel – Once Upon A Time (Cleopatra)
Angus McSix – Angus McSix And The Sword Of Power (Napalm)
Anthem – Crimson & Jet Black (Reaper)
As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet (Long Branch)
Axel Rudi Pell – The Ballads VI (Steamhammer/SPV)
Brutal Youth – Rebuilding Year (Stomp)
Dawn Of Ouroboros – Velvet Incandescence (Prosthetic)
Dorthia Cottrell – Death Folk Country (Relapse)
Enter Shikari – A Kiss For The Whole World (SO/Ambush Reality)
Grave Pleasures – Plagueboys (Century Media)
Hirax – Hate, Fear And Power Re-Release (Armageddon)
Hirax – Raging Violence Re-Release (Armageddon)
Jethro Tull – RökFlöte (InsideOut)
Liv Kristine – River Of Diamonds (Metalville)
Magnus Rosen – It’s Tome To Rock The World Again (Sound Pollution)
Mecca – Everlasting (Frontiers)
MMXX – The New Wave EP (Candlelight)
One Desire – Live With The Shadow Orchestra DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Predatory Void – Seven Keys To The Discomfort Of Being (Century Media)
Revolution Saints – Eagle Flight (Frontiers)
Smackbound – Hostage (Frontiers)
Smashing Pumpkins – ATUM: A Rock Opera in Three Acts: Act 3 (Martha’s Music)
Tanith – Voyage (Metal Blade)
Texas Hippie Coalition – The Name Lives On (MNRK)
These Beasts – Cares, Wills, Wants (Magnetic Eye)
Through Fire – Devil’s Got You Dreamin’ (Sumerian)
Windhand – Windhand Re-Release (Relapse)

April 28, 2023
Alcest – Les Voyages de l’âme Re-Release (Prophecy)
Cradle Of Filth – Trouble And Their Double Lives (Napalm)
The Crown – The Burning/Eternal Death Re-Release (Dissonance)
Crown The Empire – Dogma (Rise)
The Damned – Darkadelic (earMusic)
Elvenking – Reader Of The Runes – Rapture (AFM)
Danava – Nothing But Nothing (Tee Pee)
Defiled – The Highest Level (Season Of Mist)
Enforced – War Remains (Century Media)
Fires In The Distance – Air Not Meant For Us (Prosthetic)
Graveworm – Killing Innocence (AFM)
HammerFall – Crimson Thunder 20th Anniversary Edition (Nuclear Blast)
Hawkwind – The Future Never Waits (Cherry Red)
Ignea – Dreams Of Lands Unseen (Napalm)
King’s X – In The New Age: The Atlantic Recordings 1988-1995 (HNE)
Messa – Messa: Live At Roadburn (Svart)
Ross The Boss – Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel (AFM)
Sass Jordan – Live In New York Ninety-Four (Deko)
Sinner – Born To Rock – The Noise Years ’84-’87 (Dissonance)
Spotlights – Alchemy For The Dead (Ipecac)
Swollen Teeth – Swollen Teeth EP (Blowed Out)
Trapeze – Midnight Flyers: Complete Recording Volume 2 (1974-1981) (HNE)